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Volumex AFFF %3 - %6

AFFF High Quality Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates with 3% and 6% Aqueous Film Forming Feature:

  • Quickly forms a film to extinguish rapid fires.
  • Provides post-fire safety with its back-burning resistance.
  • It closes the surface of the liquid and cuts off the contact with oxygen because of its film-forming feature, prevents it from burning back and causes it to go out in a short time.

Scope of application

It is a safe foam for fire fighting in the petrochemical and chemical industry, airports, onshore and offshore areas, especially where flammable liquids such as hydrocarbons (gas oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, crude oil) are present.


For permanent extinguishing performance and reliable product quality, AFFF is tested in accordance with the standards in the quality control laboratory and is supported by our ISO 9001:2008 certified system.